The gym I train my clients out of, Limitless Fitness at 33 Hull Street in Shelton, does not require a contract for group or personal training. If you ever need to adjust or cancel your membership for group training, please just notify me before your payment date. It is a beautiful, brand new seven thousand square foot facility located downtown.

The group classes are recommended if you are a true beginner because they are high paced and require some previous knowledge so I do one on one training as well as group training. I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. If you feel like you are not ready to be in a group setting or feel like maybe you are at the very beginning stages of your fitness journey and need more personal attention, please let me know. We can always do one on one sessions to perfect form and the basics to prepare you for group training. I highly recommend one on one training first if it's been a while since you worked out or have never worked out before.

If you have questions or want to inquire about one on one training, group training, nutrition, or any other questions please fill out this form below and be as descriptive as possible.